5 Oct


Until recently, Mozambique as a holiday destination has always been underrated, especially with regards to scuba diving. Competing against countries that hold larger populations and are more commercially known for this sport, Mozambican water sports flew under the radar for many years.

Mozambique is now a world renowned destination for scuba diving, not only because of the warm and crystal clear waters that can be enjoyed all year round, but because of the fascinating wildlife that inhabit the waters of this East-African country. Although May to September offer the most pristine weather for diving experiences (with a visibility of up to 40 metres), scuba divers flock from all over the world to enjoy these waters all year round.

When it comes to diving experiences, there are five destinations in Mozambique that really top the log. The Vilanculos (Bazaruto Archipelago), Ponta Mamoli, the Pemba (Quirimbas Archipelago) Ponta do Ouro and Inhambane (more specifically, Barra and Tofo). All of these destinations offer something different and the experiences range in difficulty, providing something for beginners and the more experienced diver.

Another huge draw card for divers is the diverse and unparalleled universe of marine life that exists beneath the surface of these tropical waters. Along the coast, divers can expect to find an abundance of coral reefs which support an impressive array of tropical reef fish and attract the likes of turtles, manta rays and other marine species. When digging a little deeper in the offshore waters, divers are more likely to encounter whale sharks, game fish and even some majestic dolphins – an experience that is unrivalled and never forgotten.

If you’re planning a scuba diving trip, we suggest exploring all five of the above-mentioned diving locations for a well-rounded holiday. There are many resorts close to each diving destination, which range from luxurious to more rustic accommodation. When visiting Inhambane, and more specifically Barra Beach, be sure to check yourself in at the luxurious Castelo do Mar – a resort nestled on the beach, amongst the coconut palms. The resort offers easy access to the diving locations and provides a great base camp, where delightful hospitality can be experienced. Book your diving trip today!

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