5 Oct


What could be more exciting than exploring an entirely different world with just a pair of goggles, a breathing tube and some flippers? When we say Mozambican waters offer idyllic snorkelling experiences like no other country – we aren’t joking, the experience is truly something to behold! The East-African country offers a scorching summer with warm tropical waters almost all year round, which means you can enjoy a snorkelling holiday in Mozambique whenever you wish.

There are magnificent snorkelling experiences all along the coastline, from north to south, however, if you make your way half way up the coast to Inhambane, you’ll find the ultimate snorkelling experiences in delightfully warm waters over the Manta Reefs. Inhambane is also home to other fascinating water excursions and holds a major part of the country’s history, offering tourists diverse exploring opportunities.

So, what makes a snorkelling trip in Inhambane unique?

The pristine warm waters and coral reefs can be had anywhere along the coastline, however, snorkelling with whale sharks is pretty much unique to Inhambane, especially in the winter – you’d be really lucky to find them anywhere else. Amongst other marine life, snorkelers can look forward to spotting humpback whales, manta rays, turtles and a huge range of tropical fish – it just doesn’t get any better than that.

Now, we’re not saying that the rest of the coast doesn’t offer experiences that are just as beautiful in their own right – what we are saying is that Inhambane ticks all our boxes, and we feel it would do the same for you. To take advantage of the entire Mozambican experience, visitors should ideally book accommodation at one of the luxury resorts situated on the beach. Castelo do Mar is situated amongst the coconut palms on Barra Beach and offers its own amazing activities, as well as quick access to all other land and sea activities. If you’re planning a snorkelling trip, and want to be right where the action is, while still basking in some of the finer things in life, Castelo do Mar is the place for you.

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