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Castelo do Mar


Castelo do Mar can be found on the tip of the northern peninsula in the Bay of Inhambane. This area is called “Linga Linga”.

The Linga Linga area has much to offer in addition to the world-class fishing and diving, including excellent birding in the mangroves, a resident dugong “sirenian”, pristine tidal islets and long stretches of deserted beach. The peninsula is often referred to by the locals as an island because waters can rise over the sands at high tides, making access by road impossible. Castelo do Mar is of historical significance and has preserved remains of a Norwegian whaling station that dates back to around 1911 to 1915.

Castelo Do Mar

The town of Inhambane is roughly 478 kilometers north of Maputo, the capital of Mozambique and is accessible by Road or Plane. Covered by large palm plantations and famous for the production of cashews, coconuts and sweet tangerines, the province of Inhambane is one of the main tourism center hubs in Mozambique today. Inhambane is the capital city of the province and is more of a sleepy town rather than a capital city, but it has an intoxicating old world charm to it.


The town of Inhambane is one of the oldest towns in Mozambique dating back to the 10th century and the Arab traders. In 1498 Vasco do Gama landed with his ships just off the coast of Inhambane. When they reached land in inclement weather and approached a settlement, they were invited in the local Bitonga dialect to come out of the rain – ‘Bela khu Nyumbane’. The Portuguese thought they were being told the name of the region and so Inhambane got its present name.

Various side-walk cafes are dotted along the narrow streets and the bustling Central market is well worth a visit.

Linga Linga was the site of an old whaling station. Whaling off Mozambique was initiated in 1911 by two Norwegian companies and this station was in use up until 1915. Some of the original building and remains of the slipway from this station are preserved at Castelo do Mar.


S 23°44’11 E 035°23’47

Castelo Do Mar

Getting There

Fly – in

Daily LAM Mozambique Airline flights from Johannesburg or Maputo to Inhambane International Airport.

Airport Transfer on request – 10-minute mini-bus ride to the harbor followed by a motor boat cruise (+/- 45 minutes) across the bay. (Children 6 years and under free).


Access is possible by the EN1 Highway but a 4×4 vehicle is essential for the last 18 kms to Linga Linga. GPS way-points are supplied on request.

Leave Your Car in a Safe Location in Inhambane

Leave your car in a safe location in Inhambane. Please ensure that pickup times are arranged for Inhambane. An estimated 13-hour drive from Johannesburg.
Please note that our private motor boat transfer does not operate at night, therefore, you need to reach Inhambane before 17h00.